7 lbs 13 oz & 20.5 inches
of sugar and spice

My family rocks!!!
My mother and father
in the day of their
Aunt Ludmila and
uncle Bernardo
Mommy between
Grandma Mireya and
Grandpa Miguel
Aunts Carol and Natalia
with Momm
Nice Summer day:
Grandpa Manoel,
Aunt Ludmila and
Grandma Yara
Hang loose: Aunt
Natalia and Mommy
Mommy's family: Aunt
Natalia, Mommy,
Grandma Mireya, Aunt
Carol and Grandpa Miguel
Daddy's family: Grandpa
Manoel, Aunt Ludmila,
Daddy, Uncle Bernardo
and Grandma Yara
April 19, 2005
Gabriella Oliver Castro